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Outside Canteen 58 at 56/58 Ingram Street, Glasgow

The Canteen is all about fast and fresh food, you can sit in and chill out under the foliage or breeze by and grab a gourmet sandwich or fresh juice to go.

Canteeners are early risers, so if you need a pre work caffeine fix we’ve got you covered. Serving breakfast / brunch / lunch and canteen trays in the evening.

We use local suppliers and boutique bakers, all our food is made with love and care.

Canteen 58 Tray Icon

The Canteen is ready to Serve...

We believe in being kind at Canteen 58. Kind to our customers, kind to our staff, kind to our suppliers and kind to the environment. We’ll serve you with a smile and always try our absolute best to make sure you leave us happy.

Paleo, vegan or somewhere in between? Meet at the Canteen. Not everything will rhyme but everything should taste good!


6 members of the Canteen 58 staff behind the counter

Good tasty food, plenty of flavour, served fast.