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At Canteen 58 we create all our dishes fresh each day.

We have taken a great deal of time crafting our menu to make sure we cater for all diets, tastes and preferences. By working with only trusted local suppliers, we source the best possible ingredients, support our community, and keep you well fed!

Whoever you’re meeting, meet them at Canteen 58.

Canteen 58 Tray Icon


Who doesn’t love Breakfast? We certainly do and that’s why we serve full breakfasts (vegan, vegetarian or meaty) all day, every day. All your favourites are there, anyway you want them. If you are an early riser or on the way to the big meeting, hot rolls are ready to go. Bacon doesn’t wait for anyone.

Breakfast and brunch will be available all day, everyday.

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Breakfast rolls with sausage and bacon wrapped individually with napkins


No more boring lunches people! The Canteen tray will change your life! – Okay not really but you’ll feel satisfied and happy. Fill your tray with bold, fresh, tasty, food, worthy of your instagram.

Pick your hot main and any two sides, all served fast and fresh from or main counter. We have hot and cold sides for you to choose from, from mac and cheese to our superfood salad. 

In addition to the Canteen Trays, we’ll have fresh salads; gourmet sandwiches and fresh pastries served all day too. 

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Healthy lunch bowls with egg, potato and salad


Canteen 58 is a place for people to meet, eat drink and be merry. We’ve kept things casual for the evenings with our canteen trays and sharing boards.

The evening menu will have a few special creations too, changing daily, fresh from the Canteen drawing board deep down in the kitchen.

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Wine selection at Canteen 58


We have all the essential drinks to make the visit fun! We firmly believe Canteen cocktails are always a good idea. Breakfast and a mimosa? Bloody Mary as a hair of the dog? Classy Espresso Martinis with the girls? We’ve got a full list of wine, and spirits too.

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Man and woman enjoying drinks at Canteen 58

Good tasty food, plenty of flavour, served fast.